Were you or a family member seriously injured because of what someone else did or failed to do? If so, you now have problems that are someone else’s fault. You need time to recover from your injuries, which may mean you lose income because you cannot work. You have medical bills, and if it was a vehicle accident, you may need a new car, truck, boat, or motorcycle. If a family member was injured and now needs someone to stay with them, who will do it? Will you have to quit work to care for them?

Are you wondering how you will pay for all these costs? You may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to get the money you need.

A personal injury lawyer in Deerfield Beach from Anidjar & Levine can tell you what you need to do after your accident. The sooner you hire a personal injury lawyer, the better. We can help you gather evidence and avoid mistakes that people make when dealing with the insurance company. Call us at 1-888-494-0430 to set up a consultation.

A lawyer at our firm can also make sure you do not miss important court deadlines. Florida Statute § 95.11 says you have only four years to settle an insurance claim or file a lawsuit after your accident. Has it been longer than four years, but you only recently learned of an injury? A lawyer can tell you if you can still file under Florida’s delayed discovery rule.

Do you believe you may have a wrongful death claim? Then usually you only have two years to file.

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Worried About How You Will Pay a Lawyer?

At the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, you will never pay any fees upfront. Call 888-494-0430 for a free consultation. We will decide if you have a good case for an insurance claim and a lawsuit. If we take your case, you pay us after your case settles and only if you recover compensation.

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Why Not Just Take What the Insurance Company Offers?

Insurance companies want to pay as little as they can. Did they offer to settle right away? They may want to pay you off before you realize how bad your injuries or damages are. You may know your injuries, but it takes time to find out if you will heal completely or be left with a lingering disability. You may have medical costs long after the insurance money is gone. What happens if you cannot work for longer than expected? If you already settled, you will have to pay those costs yourself. Was your child seriously injured? What will it cost to care for them for the rest of their lives?

How can you be sure you are asking for enough money? The personal injury lawyers at Anidjar & Levine make sure your case shows all your injuries and damages. We show evidence of who was at fault and how the accident affects your life and finances. We show evidence of who is liable and should pay you.

Anidjar & Levine Helps With Multiple Types of Personal Injury Cases

We handle many types of personal injury accidents in Deerfield Beach including:

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What Can Anidjar & Levine Do for My Personal Injury Case?

The insurance company will not take your word for how severe your injuries are. You need proof, even if you settle out of court. The two kinds of proof you need are:

  1. Proof of your damages and injuries; and
  2. Proof that the other person caused them

How will you prove your injuries are the fault of the other person or a company? Will a judge let you use your medical records as evidence in court? The insurance company may pay their own doctor to examine you. What if that doctor testifies that you should have recovered by now, but you still feel terrible?

Injuries can be complicated. Anidjar & Levine can find medical doctors and other experts to testify on your behalf. Expert testimony can help your case by proving how serious your injuries are. It can challenge insurance company claims that your injuries are not serious or have nothing to do with the accident.

Did a defective tire, seat belt, or other manufacturing defect make the injuries more severe? Was the other driver someone who should not have been behind the wheel? We can find expert witnesses to answer these questions. We can also investigate the scene of the accident, question witnesses, and sometimes work with experts who can help reconstruct the accident.

Our lawyers can help you prove:

  • The cost of your medical bills and future medical costs
  • Damages for lost time at work
  • Physical and emotional suffering.
  • If there is permanent physical and/or mental damage
  • If you need home care or a live-in care facility
  • If you need special equipment and transportation because of the injury
  • If you need the help of a caregiver or family member to feed, bathe, or dress
  • How long you will need this kind of care
  • If the injuries are to a child, what kind of special needs they have
  • If your injuries are because of a defective product
  • If the injuries are the result of negligence by a medical professional
  • If the injuries are the result of emotional, mental, physical, sexual, or financial abuse or neglect in a nursing home   
  • If you slipped and fell because someone’s property was not kept in safe condition
  • Getting witness statements, photos, or surveillance footage of the accident scene, any history of past accidents at the property, and other evidence to build your case

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If you or a family member suffered injuries because of someone’s negligence, our lawyers are here to help. Our personal injury lawyers in Deerfield Beach, Florida have the resources and knowledge to fight for you. Call 888-494-0430 for your free case evaluation. At the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, you will never pay any fees upfront.