If you are living with the consequences of a personal injury, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. You have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party responsible for your accident.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your injury, you could benefit from help from a North Port personal injury lawyer. A compassionate team member from our firm could review your case and advise you on the best path toward monetary compensation.

If you have arm and elbow pain after a car accident, an attorney can help you seek compensation for your medical bills.
If you have arm and elbow pain after a car accident, an attorney can help you seek compensation for your medical bills.

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The Benefits of Hiring the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine

Our firm puts the needs of our client first. We are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure you not only receive the compensation you deserve but also avoid unnecessary hassle or delay along the way. Some of the ways we are prepared to work for you include:

  • Handling your injury claim. We will take care of every aspect of your personal injury claim, from negotiating a settlement to moving forward with litigation. While you focus on recovering from your injuries, we will fight for your compensation. 
  • Assist with vehicle repairs. There are numerous hassles that come with a personal injury claim, including the need to arrange rental vehicles and car repairs. Our firm can help you get your car fixed and back on the road after an accident. 
  • Frequent updates. You will never have to wonder about the status of your personal injury case. You will receive frequent case updates from our firm until we bring your case to a close. 
  • Responsive legal care. You will not have to play phone tag with our office to get an answer about your case. We will provide you with the direct line to your attorney who can answer all of your questions as the case proceeds. 

Still unsure about how we can help? You don’t have to wonder how our team might approach your case. At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, the initial consultation is always free. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the strength of your case, our track record of success, or what to expect from the legal system. 

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Types of Personal Injury Cases

Our team is prepared to take on a variety of personal injury claims. Injuries can happen under almost any circumstance, and we are prepared to protect your legal rights when negligence is involved. Some of the most common types of personal injury claims include:

  • Car accidents. Motor vehicles are one of the primary causes of serious injury. These accidents also routinely result in personal injury claims when they occur due to another driver’s negligence. Negligence could involve any moving violation, including speeding or driving while intoxicated. 
  • Medical error. Medical mistakes can lead to some of the most severe personal injuries. Doctors can make different types of errors, including mistakes during surgery or failing to diagnose the appropriate illness. 
  • Falls. Slipping and falling is another of the most common causes of serious injuries. You could have a viable legal claim against the property owner where the fall occurred. 
  • Defective products. Some injuries occur when products malfunction. In these cases, it could be possible to hold the manufacturer accountable. 

Available Compensation

You could be entitled to recover a wide range of damages if your personal injury lawsuit is successful. Some common examples include:

  • Medical bills. The cost of medical care following an accident is often the primary goal of a personal injury lawsuit. You could be entitled to recover compensation for the cost of an ambulance ride, hospitalization, emergency room visits, or other treatments. 
  • Pain and suffering. You could also recover an award for the severity of your physical pain and suffering. While this suffering is subjective, your damages could scale with the cost of your medical care. 
  • Lost wages. Many people suffering from serious injuries will be forced to miss work while they recover. This could lead to lost wages. It is possible to recover past and future lost wages through a personal injury lawsuit. 

Deadlines for Filing a Lawsuit

While you have some time to pursue your claim, there could be steep consequences for putting it off for too long. If you wait until after the expiration of the statute of limitations to file your lawsuit, you will miss out on your chance to get the compensation you deserve. 

The statute of limitations is a legal deadline that exists to prevent long delays in the legal system. These delays both tax the state’s resources and also potentially result in unfair trial results. For that reason, every state has adopted a deadline for filing a personal injury claim. 

You Generally Have Four Years to Take Action

In North Port, the statute of limitations is governed by Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a). According to the statute, you must file your personal injury lawsuit within four years of the date the injury occurred. If you fail to do so, the other side will likely be successful in having your case dismissed forever. This could prevent you from recovering the compensation you deserve—even if the underlying facts in your case were in your favor. 

There are some limited exceptions that could extend the statute of limitations in some cases, but it is never wise to assume they apply to you. Before you miss out on your chance to secure a monetary award for your injuries, let our team evaluate your case and ensure you comply with the statute of limitations. 

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Compensation You Could Recover

If you are living with an injury due to the negligence of someone else, you are entitled to pursue legal action against them. Often, the negligent party will have the support of insurance companies and attorneys on their side. The good news is that you are also entitled to hire the legal counsel of your choice. 

Let the team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine stand up for you. We are dedicated injury lawyers who are prepared to advocate on your behalf. Call 1-888-494-0430 to learn about how a North Port personal injury lawyer could help.